Goodbye Friends Reunited?

FR was a pretty decent site for a while. There were groups where like minded atheists could get together, virtually, and have discussions about almost anything. Sometimes we got trolled by the religiots but eventually they would depart.

However, Fr upgraded the site – I use the term upgraded loosely – and broke it. Groups were gone, but old ones remains. They were just unworkable in the new regime. Support calls to FR went unanswered or were answered with a simple “like it or lump it” – so quite a few people decided to lump it.

This first post is just here to gauge the need for a similar situation where we atheists can get together and chat. Christians can come in too, bring a drink or two and a comfy cushion, but be prepared for facts and science, not myths and legends!

You’ll need to sign up for an account, or login with your existing WordPress account to comment, but that’s not much different from before is it?



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One thought on “Goodbye Friends Reunited?

  1. Hi Norman

    Well, I’m here, and will give it a go.

    Hope it goes well for you.

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