If You Want to Create New Posts ….

This free WordPress blog thing works slightly differently to my own blog, hosted by me and not by WordPress.com.

Users sign up to my blog when they “register” but here, it seem that all you do is register for a WordPress account. Interesting. And slightly irritating as it means that you are not one of this blog’s users and so you cannot actually create stuff.

The solution is to be invited, by me, to be users of this blog. To do this I need your WordPress user name and/or email address (your WordPress user name is probably better – never leave your email visible on any blog or web page, unless you really want to be spammed!).

In order that I don’t start spamming everyone myself, please leave a comment here asking for me to invite you to join as users here. Just leave me your WordPress user name and I’ll send you an invite. I think – teething trouble etc – that when I do that, you will appear in this blog’s list of users and when that happens, I can change your admin level to allow you to create stuff.

As I said above, it’s slightly different on these free blogs. Sorry about the hassle.

Cheers, Norm.

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7 thoughts on “If You Want to Create New Posts ….

  1. OK – but does it matter what else we might want to talk about? When I said I had eclectic tastes, I did mean it 🙂

    • This isn’t FR any more, all bets are off. I’ve created a category of Atheists which is the default. When you make up your postings, you need to choose a category. I’m assuming you’ll be able to add one, if not, buzz me and I’ll sort it out for you.

      Anything goes….

  2. beverwijkpat

    OK, I registered as beverwijkpat – so can you invite me? And how will I know? Do I get an email or something?

    • You will get an email with the invitation to be a contibuter. It should be in your inbox, even as I type!

      Cheers, Norm.

      • Correction, I’ve invited you to be a contributer. That was wrong, I’ve updated you to be an author. Go create posts and have fun!

        Cheers, Norm.

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