Thank the Lord – Again!

These Christians are bonkers beyond belief. Yet again, a natural event causes destruction, injury but hopefully not death in the USA. Approximately 12 tornadoes ripped through the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas yesterday (3rd April 2012) and as ever, the people who survived the horror start “thanking the lord” as in this quote from

“It was like ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ ” said Gwen Dabbs, who wasn’t able to make it to an interior room before the storm blew her windows out. She huddled in a corner of her living room covered with blankets as the tornado passed.

“My body is sore from being in the corner. But I don’t have not a cut, not a scratch, and I’m so thankful. Thank you, Lord,” she said.

Silly woman. Has she no idea that if there is a god, then it was her god who put her in danger in the first place?

Why does god only ever get credit for the good stuff with these Christians?



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3 thoughts on “Thank the Lord – Again!

  1. Be grateful, Norman.

    After all, even the republican candidate knows who’s really to blame!

  2. I just love the way some people are making global warming denial an “act of faith” – presumably because like everything else, there is no “evidence”!

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