Friends Reunited Gets Worse

Today I discovered that FR appears to have deleted the Atheists group. It is no longer accessible and all you get is a message saying “sorry, this box has been deleted”. That’s it, all gone. WTF?

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13 thoughts on “Friends Reunited Gets Worse

  1. beverwijkpat

    I don’t even get an apology – I just get re-routed back to the home page, although I can still access the (few) other groups that I was a member of.

  2. I only got the apology on the first access to the page. Any other time, nothing. I was only a member of Atheists, so I’ve no idea if other stuff is still working.

  3. Hi Norman

    Sadly – I lost Atheists but not Easy Rider or any of the other groups – so am very suspicious that this is a desperate attempt by CLF to silence dissent – Terry Lee had copied and pasted some of their unpleasant comments about various members of Atheists to highlight how different the treatment was, and FR seems to have replied by deleting the entire group.

    Come and join us on FR – but do keep this group running as well because I think it has real potential – and we need to spread ourselves thin if we are not going to be shut down by the god-botherers!

  4. Aha, so it’s just Atheists then, as you say, very suspicious. I don’t have any other groups over at FR, and as they’ve stopped us from joining groups we are not already in, it’s going to be difficult!

  5. I am afraid so – I joined dozens of groups, which I never bothered to leave, and others I joined when Atheists was being trolled – but as you say, it’s really annoying.

    Are you on Facebook? Can you find me, as Susan MacRow-Hill? If so I can add you as a friend.

  6. Hi Susan, no, I’m not on facebook. I value my private data too much. I won’t ever have an account there I’m afraid.

    I did send an email to FR Support asking where the group went, I should have a reply in the next 24 hours – they say!


  7. beverwijkpat

    Hmm – I still get routed back to the homepage after clicking on Groups then Atheists (even after deleting cookies etc) but I can get to it by clicking on an Atheist discussion topic under ‘Recent Activity’. Either way, I won’t be using it anymore unless they decide that maybe throwing away the group topic concept was not such a good idea.

  8. Sounds like you have the page cached and your browser won’t check to see if it has been refreshed. Have you tried CTRL+F5 on the “groups” page that shows the listing of your groups. That might work.


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