About Atheist Chat

Atheist Chat is a blog dedicated to atheists of any religion 😉

Everyone is welcome, but play by the rules or else. Religious discussion is permitted, but be prepared to argue with facts and not fiction if you want to be taken seriously.

Serious, and sometimes frivolous, debate, argument and discussion is encouraged. Proselytising is forbidden.Remember the golden rule, three strikes and you are out. (And I reserve the right to define three as and how I please!)

To post discussions and topics in this blog will require that you earn author status, which you can do quite simply by not being a spambot, or a numpty. This means that your first comments will be moderated and if you have enough approved comments, you’ll increase in status until you can start your own topics for discussion.

Update: It appears that this free wordpress.com blog operates differently to others I use and/or host myself. To comment on a topic, you need to sign in. To sign in you need a WordPress account. However, once you sign in with a Worpress account, you are still not a user of this blog.

To become a user of this blog, you need to be invited. There’s a topic that you can comment on and if you request an invite, I shall invite you. At first you’ll be a follower, but as your comments are scrutinised, you’ll be given author privs – which means you can add, edit or delete your own topics. Until then, all you can do it comment on existing topics.

Sorry about all the hassle, the joys of using something for nothing I suppose.

Remember the rules:

  • Be polite to everyone. Name calling and criticising spelling or grammar is not helpful.
  • No Proselytising is permitted.
  • Humour is allowed, encouraged even.
  • No personal attacks. Verbal or otherwise.
  • No spam. Anything with more than three URLs/links embedded will be considered as spam by the spam filter.
  • I’m the chief atheist! My decision is (probably) final.
  • Have fun!

So, in order to post a comment or, eventually, create new topics etc, you need to click on the “log in” link over on the right side. If you have already registered you can login and if not, you can sign up. Unfortunately, you have to ignore all the blurb about signing up for a new blog of your own – click the link to “just sign up for an account“.




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