Nanopathology – the risks we can’t see.

While the government is busy pushing forward the business agenda, and the exploitation of scientific advances in particular, it would be a good time to be questioning just what the risks are for the rest of us.

This is an interesting article on just what we may have in store for us, if you haven’t come across the problems before.

Anyone else concerned about just what we are getting ourselves into this time?  

After all, once your children and grandchildren have shed their nanoparticle covered “stain” resistant school uniforms for holidays and are being slathered in nanoparticle impregnated suncream, just what will they be vulnerable to next?

When we were encouraged to be vaccinated against swine ‘flu’ did anyone bother to ask people to report any side effects – and when did you last see much about this in the news?

What I find interesting about this story is that after the great ‘flu’ epidemic after the first world war there was a much less publicised epidemic of encephalitis lethargica – a sleeping disorder – that persisted over the next decades and was often confused with Parkinsons.

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